1) Contrast and Competence:-

By the time that this newsletter reaches readers around the ward, recent events in the UK will be fading into history, namely the coronation of King Charles III and the Eurovision Song Contest for 2023 in Liverpool. Between the two contrasting events and no-matter what your personal views may be of Monarchy and present tastes in popular music, we Brits can be proud of both, regardless of where our national entry came in the rankings for Eurovision results listings.

It is acknowledged across the globe that Great Britain puts on assorted occasions of Pageantry, Pomp and Splendour better than anywhere else and I am sure that our present king’s coronation event will help to maintain that reputation, for it was well organised, well-rehearsed and well-delivered on the day, despite the rainy weather.

For younger readers, some of whom will no doubt be among those who wonder why we still have a Monarchy, the Eurovision Song Contest for this year, held not far away in Liverpool, may have been more enjoyable, but once again, whatever one’s personal views may be on the current trend in pop music, it was similarly well organised, well-rehearsed and well-delivered.
Those responsible for the efficient delivery of each deserve our collective thanks. Both events did us proud as a nation.



2) Something of a Problem:-

A statement dated 26th April 2023, from the Welsh Government, issued by Rebecca Evans, MS, Minister for Finance and Local Government, makes unhappy reading for all of us in Wales. Following the local elections of May 2022, the Minister expressed concerns about the overall picture arising from them.

In bare statistics, only 22% of the 7,883 seats were contested. 62% of seats were un-contested – meaning that no actual election was held while 16% were unfilled, meaning they needed to be filled by co-option or through a further election.

The Minister indicated her concerns over two key issues. The first being to ensure that voters have a genuine choice as to who represents and serves at this basic level of organisation and administration. Her second concern was about ensuring that voters feel that being part of this level of Democracy is a way of effecting change and therefore want to put themselves forwards for election.

The Minister feels that the election data from last May indicates that both of these issues require urgent attention.

To that end, the Minister has been working with One Voice Wales to put in place a Democratic Health Task and Finish Group to explore the causes of lower engagement and participation with some community and town councils, to learn from the success in others and suggest options for actions to consistently improve engagement and participation. Shereen Williams, CEO of the Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales has agreed to chair the project.

Other members of the group will be:-

Cllr. Mike Theodoulou – Chair of One Voice Wales.
Dr. Leah Hibbs – Lecturer at the School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University.
Sue Leonard – Chief Officer at the Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services.
Sue Husband – Director of Business in the Community Cymru
Tilley Rees – Student, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

The Minister hopes that the group will bring a broad range of experience and expertise – and introduce new thinking – to the challenges of improving the democratic health of community and town councils.

As an indication of the level of her concern the Minister has made available £150,000 per year for the next three years to One Voice Wales to support councils in this work.

All that one can say in response to that statement is “Watch This Space, but Don’t Hold Your Breath!”



3) Getting a Grip on Gambling?:-

Unfortunately, gambling is just as addictive for many people as Alcohol and Drugs. Each, in their different ways will ruin the addicted gambler’s life and the lives of those nearest and dearest to them, both mentally, physically and financially.
Realising, perhaps somewhat belatedly, the seriousness of the problem, nationally, the government has now finally published its White Paper on Gambling.

However, the Good Law Project group, having taken a good look at the White Paper, did some research of its own and issued a statement at the beginning of May, relating to lobbying of Ministers by parties apparently interested in weakening rather than strengthening the proposals in the White Paper.

Reportedly prominent in that activity has been Conservative MP, Philip Davies, who appears to have lobbied ministers to reduce regulations on behalf of an exclusive London-based casino. The Good Law Project’s report sets out that Mr. Davies is no stranger to the gambling industry. He is co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on betting and gaming. (APPGs are cross-party interest groups run by Members of the Commons and Lords, but which often include outside organisations).

Since becoming a Tory MP,, Mr. Davies has received over £57,000 in consultancy fees and hospitality from Entain Holdings, the owners of both Ladbrokes and Coral. Mr. Davies is apparently a regular recipient of “hospitality” funded by the gambling firms, including trips to Royal Ascot, Wimbledon and the Cheltenham races. Documents obtained by the Good Law Project reveal that Mr. Davies wrote to the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Lucy Frazer, on three occasions during her first month in office.

On 23rd February 2023 Davies wrote to the Minister, using official House of Commons headed paper, praising the Les Ambassadeurs club, a Mayfair-based casino that caters for ultra-high net worth foreign visitors, before lobbying the Minister for the removal of regulations that safeguard the gambler and increases profit for the casino. A move which appears to have influenced policy-makers, because the White Paper on gambling reforms has confirmed an intention to remove Section 81 if the 2005 Gambling Act, so as to allow casinos to offer credit to non-UK residents, referring directly to “wealthy overseas visitors in the high-end sector.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Davies MP is not the only officer of the pro-gambling parliamentary group who has become embroiled in a lobbying scandal in recent weeks. The Chair of the APPG, Scott Benton MP was recently exposed by undercover reporters offering to influence policymakers on behalf of gambling industry investors. According to reports, the Tory MP offered to “leak a confidential policy document and lobby ministers” in return for being paid thousands of £s per month,

Links with gambling and betting don’t stop with Benton and Davies. Aaron Bell MP the vice-chair, accepted a £2,000 gift from Betting and Gaming Council to attend the Brit Awards and the gambling industry consultant Steve Donoughue acts as the group secretary. In recent years the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) a gambling industry backed organisation that includes Les Ambassadeurs club has ramped up donations to political parties. Reports apparently available suggest that since 2021 the industry has handed out over £209,000, primarily in the form of hospitality, with the BCG increasingly becoming the source of that spending. A spokesman for the BGC said “Any hospitality is consistent with the parliamentary rules and is full declared and transparent.”

All of that must make readers wonder just what will be passed into Law as the White Paper progresses through parliament. Will it be wording which protects the addicted gambler from themselves, or protects the interests of the Gambling Industry? Only time will tell.



4) Another case of Money Buying Influence?:-

Contents of messages obtained by Good Law Project reveal for the first time details of conversations between Matt Hancock and Tory donor Mustafa Mohammed. The relationship led to a 'VIP' covid testing contract being awarded to a company called Ecolog International.

Mustafa Mohammed has donated over £230,000 to the Conservative party and his company Genix Healthcare, has donated a further £160,000.
Last December, we revealed Matt Hancock referred Ecolog International onto the secretive covid testing ‘VIP’ lane after being contacted by Mustafa Mohammed, who was working in partnership with Ecolog International to provide covid testing services. Mohammed lobbied Hancock directly via email and WhatsApp in the months leading up to the firm's contract award.

The pair first exchanged WhatsApp messages on 11 June 2020. Mohammed opened the exchange by saying “Hope you’re well my dear friend” before pitching his proposals to the former Health Secretary. Hancock replied early the next morning, thanking Mohammed and saying “I have asked my team to look into it and get back to you”.

A week later on 18 June 2020 Mohammed messages again to say “Thank you ever so much for your kind help. I am very much looking forward to seeing you very soon”, within two hours Hancock replies “Excellent”.

In September 2020, following Mohammed’s lobbying, Hancock’s department issued Ecolog with a Letter of Intent to supply laboratory equipment and PCR testing for COVID-19, but for unknown reasons the government later decided to cancel the contract. This decision led to a £38.6m settlement fee being paid to Ecolog - a move that was branded a waste of taxpayers’ money by an NHS head of procurement.

As I set out in a previous Newsletter, if you wish to read more on the activities of The Good Law Project, which is based at 3 East Point, High Street, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 0EG, just tap The Good Law Project into your favourite browser and read what is there, because it carries fresh material quite regularly.



5) Safety On Our Roads:?

As readers will recall, I do push the matter of road safety in all its aspects. Blame that on the all-too-many occasions in my policing years when I ended up knocking on a door to inform relatives that a loved-one in the family would not be coming home because they had become a victim, one way or another, of a fatal traffic accident. My latest concern is the matter of electrically powered scooters which are now out and around.
Four days ago, as I write this, members of the Flintshire North Neighbourhood Policing Team confiscated an E-scooter in Sandycroft. It was being used on a designated roadway when it was not covered by any insurance policy and had no MOT.

Following that seizure, a police spokesman said, once again, that it is illegal to ride an E-scooter on the roads and footpaths in North Wales. They can only be used on private land, with the permission of the landowner. The police spokesman went on to remind the public that, ”E-scooters are classified as personal light electric vehicles (PLEVs) and are treated as motor vehicles. They require an MOT, licencing, tax and insurance.”
To that, I would add, just consider the well-documented blind spots on heavy vehicles and the extreme vulnerability of the rider of any E-scooter in any collision between an E-scooter and an HGV, or even a motorcycle or motor car.


6) Still A Matter of Road Rage?:-

Whether we like it or not, the Wales Government seems intent on bringing in the blanket 20mph national speed limit in urban areas on the 17th September of this year. I, along with other county council colleagues have done all that we can to push for exemptions on local roads where it is sensible and safe to retain a 30mph speed limit. If we have strictly to follow the given criteria, the A549 Dobshill to Mold Road is threatened with a 20mph speed limit. The foreseeable chaos that will cause is unthinkable. Rather worryingly, how much notice will be taken of our collective representations at Wales Government level, only time will show.

Meanwhile, as readers might guess, I have been trying as best as I can to obey the 20mph limit in and around the Pilot Scheme Area centred on Buckley. In doing so, I have been dangerously tailgated on all too many occasions, hooted at, gestured impolitely at and overtaken in unsafe situations, by countless vehicles.

I have a real worry that those drivers will carry their haste and their dislike of the 20mph speed limit forwards into and beyond 17th September of this year. By doing so, they will risk encountering a warranted police office wielding a Tru-Cam or a fully staffed traffic section vehicle. Such an encounter will cost any speeding driver cash out of their pocket and points on their licence, which no driver wants or needs, especially anyone who drives any level of motor vehicle for a living. I do have to record that the majority of those in a hurry to overtake me on 20mph roads have been “White Van Men” probably self-employed persons, to whom time really is money. Here in Wales, we have a higher percentage of self-employed persons than any other area of the UK. Carrying on speeding in the 20mph, or even the 30mph roads will inevitably mean fines and points on licences, eventually leading to loss of licence for an uncomfortable length of time.

To all drivers reading this newsletter, I make this plea. In your own interests, start right now practicing driving without speeding in the 20mph stretches, so that it is automatic behaviour by 17th September of this year. By doing so you will keep your money in your pocket, keep your driving licence clear of points and make our roads a little bit safer.


7) Buckley Town Council:-

1) For clarity, the council is still seeking a permanent and appropriately qualified “Town Clerk and Proper Financial Officer,” as the formal title goes.
We are greatly indebted to Shaun Jones, our present Locum Clerk for his ongoing willingness to remain in position until a permanent Clerk is appointed.

The last two efforts via the usual local media produced only one single applicant, who was not recommended for appointment, after due consideration by the sub-committee appointed for that task. You may rest assured that councillors are now more widely broadcasting the vacancy, via appropriated media sources. If any reader knows of any one with the necessary qualifications and background, please do encourage them to put in an application. In the meantime, you may rest assured that the council is still fully functional, thanks to the combined efforts of our locum Clerk, our Town Events Manager Andy White and our two ladies, Tracey Reece and Lynne George who continue to work their personal brand of administrative magic in the offices.

2) The brief meeting on 9th May, with sociable tea, sandwiches and cakes afterwards, formally appointed Mr. Charles Cordery as the new Mayor for the current municipal year of 2023-24. He will be supported by Rhian Stewart, who was elected to the position of Deputy Mayor for the municipal year. I trust that readers will join me in wishing them both an enjoyable and successful year ahead.

3) Perhaps as confirmation that your council is still operating well on your behalf, I am pleased to record that, favoured by a day of decent weather, this year’s Annual Fun Day, held on the common as usual, turned out to be another notable success. From small beginning some years back, the event has grown to be one of the largest of its kind in the entire county, attracting visitors from near and far.



8) Buckley In General:-

Item 1) Please be assured that the battle to bring back a real live Bank to the town centre is continuing and that us councillors and other interested groups will not cease our combined efforts until we have succeeded, no-matter how long it takes. In that aim, we are of course bedevilled by the increasingly risky habit of usually sensible and wary residents in heading for “On-line Banking.”

Item 2) The planning application submitted some months ago to convert the disused Methodist Church at the junction of Brickfields and Spon Green into housing was refused at the end of April. The applicant does have the right, within a six-month timescale, to go on appeal to Planning Wales down in Cardiff, so, for the moment it is a case waiting to see whether they do take up the Appeal Process option, or not.

Item 3) Not far from that location, the now dis-used Cross Keys Public House site has two recent applications relating to future use. One is for housing units to replace the building, while the other is for temporary, think 3 years, use of the land to the rear of the pub building to house storage containers. As with Item 2 above, it is a case of watch out for further information.

Item 4) Just recently, the Wales Government has announced the availability of funding for Town Centre Regeneration proposals. One of the categories is for improvements to any existing building. I have asked the regeneration team at Flintshire County Council to investigate the possibility of steering the owner of the presently dis-used building at the Precinct Way end of our Pedestrianised High Street, which once housed the Factory Shop, to take an interest in the Regeneration Fund. There is no guarantee that such an application will be successful, but at least, if the building’s owner makes the effort, it might just be worth his while and improve our town centre too.

Item 5) The future of the Buckley Old Baths Building is still in the hands of the three councillors who are directors of the limited company which was formed several years back for the purpose of hopefully converting the building into a useful multi-functional facility for the benefit of all town residents. I understand that the Directors will be putting formal plans to Buckley Town Council at the meeting on the evening of 27th June. Given the length of time it takes between me compiling the newsletter and it arriving through your letterbox that BTC monthly meeting may already have occurred, Whatever plan is put forward I have little doubt that it will take the best efforts of all councillors, no doubt working with county council’s regeneration team, if there is to be any progress towards bringing some useful life back into this notable Buckley landmark.

Item 6) While local residents await some clear information regarding what the new owners of the Buckley Shopping Centre have in mind for its future, there is at lest some movement going on. The Glamour House, which has occupied the shop on the corner of The Cross Traffic Lights junction has now shifted from that location and, as I compile this newsletter, is busily relocating into the Shopping Centre. Parallel to that, there is also a new Savers shop busy getting up and fully operational, in the position where the previous shop of the same name used to be.
All that us ordinary residents can do is to wish them well and take up their varied trading offers as and when we need for them instead of scooting off to Mold or Broughton.


Banking and Other On-Line Alleged Conveniences:-
Recent reports from “Which” the consumer advice group and from the Financial Control Authority, the FCA, provide similar figures of recent annual losses incurred by on-line individuals totalling some £9.3billion, much of which arises from on-line banking scams, created by professional fraudsters who really are out to achieve a bit of on-line banking; sadly meaning inducing victims part with their hard-earned cash!

I have had a conversation recently with one unfortunate local resident who became a victim of fraud because of their “on-line banking” habit. When I inquired why they had decided to do the on-line bit, the reply was “It’s convenient!”

Regrettably, it is not just banking where the fraudsters are busy taking advantage of “on-line” activities. Action Fraud, the national reporting centre for fraud and cyber-crime has recently released the latest figures relating to victims of on-line holiday booking fraud in the past year.

Between April of 2022 and March of 2023, that organisation received 6,457 complaints, involving assorted sums of money lost by would-be UK holidaymakers, amounting to £15,319,057million. All because individuals sought the convenience of an on-line activity, rather than making the safe and sensible effort to walk into a high-street Travel Agency, or at least check with ABTA, ATOL, or, if flights are involved, CAA.
The latest figures released show a 41% increase over the previous year, with £4.6million lost between May and August of 2022. The average individual loss was £2,372 per victim.

In this unscrupulous day and age of internationally organised criminality, your email and your phone are targets for these very well organised and all-too-plausible professional fraudsters, so guard both well and be very wary of offers that are too good to be true, phone calls allegedly from your bank, and winnings from lotteries you have never entered. Be doubly wary of invitations to click on to attachments to emails allegedly billing you for items or services you know nothing about, or payments which you ae not expecting. Similarly, beware of the cold caller you know nothing about.
Taking a few minutes to go on-line, to visit the “Which” website and learn about the current list of scams doing the rounds could well save you from becoming a victim.



10) UK’s Defences In A Volatile World?:-

When the present Conservative Government took over, more than a dozen years ago, the UK’s regular army promptly became a priority target for thinning down in order to save money. Peculiarly, while reducing the number of our regular fighting forces, hundreds more civil servants have been taken on to tap keyboard keys and push pens in Ministry of Defence offices in Whitehall while vastly experienced soldiers are being pensioned off to save money. Recently released and somewhat worrying figures have shown that while our vitally important regular army is being diminished, down towards numbers which can be compared to Napoleonic times, the Whitehall administrative numbers are rising. If the figures are accurate, the Army is expected to be cut to 73,000 soldiers by 2025, with 4,000 troops retired and not replaced in the next couple of years. Meanwhile, the civilian strength of the Ministry of Defence has increased in the last year by 740, or 1.2 per cent, to 60,640. The Army's current size of 77,000 is drastically smaller than it was previously. As recently as 2010, it had 102,000 full-time troops. Regular Army numbers are expected to dwindle still further after 2025, Experts who keep an eye on such details have indicated that they are expecting the Army to have only around 60,000 soldiers by the end of the decade.

Given that Italy presently has 248,000 soldiers in their army, with France at 204,000, Germany at 180,000 and Greece with 162,000, should we Brits not be just a little concerned at our clearly diminished military strength when faced with the ever-increasing volatility of international politics in this present day and age all around this globe we call home. Perhaps it is time for someone in the Opposition seats in Parliament to ask a pertinent question or two.


11) Remember What Happened to the Roman Empire?:-

Many readers will ascribe to the commonly believed, but erroneous stories that the Roman Empire collapsed following military defeats. Not so! Reputable researchers have, over many years studied events of those long-ago times and concluded, with ample evidence available, that what caused the collapse of the Roman Empire some sixteen or seventeen hundred years ago, was that nasty four-letter word called DEBT! In simple language, it grew too big for its boots, could not pay its debts and imploded.

That of course was in times when there were no such things as credit cards to help speed them on their way to financial collapse.
Strangely, the assorted governments of our modern world seem unwilling to learn from the clear lessons of the past, because where the International Monetary Fund has recommended that, for financial comfort, nations should keep borrowing under 60% of Gross Domestic Productivity (GDP), 14 out of the 27 members of the EU have national debt levels way above that benchmark figure.

In terms of the top few, Greece leads the way with 193%, followed by Italy with 150.8%, Portugal with 127.4%, Spain with 118.4% and France with 112.9%.

Readers may take a small degree of reassurance from the UK’s National Debt figure, which currently stands at £2.43trillion. The harsh impact of that figure is that we, as a nation, had to find £54.2billion just to pay of the annual interest on our debt which is in the main created by government borrowings and the many years of deficit budgeting, which means our government planning to spend more than it is likely to earn. To bring that to the level of you and I, it means that our government has dropped us into individual debt to the tune of £27,209 per resident.

If you feel that those figures are eye-watering, kindly reach for your handkerchief before reading on, because the USA’s National Debt currently stands at $31trillion, which is 779.9% of GDP. No wonder they have recently had to raise their permitted government borrowing level in order to pay off the annual interest on that sizable sum and the wages of all government employees. The question must arise as to how long the USA can go on like this, particularly when you recall that it was the collapse of the USA’s unsustainable sub-prime mortgage market that caused the financial crash of 2008, from which we really have not yet fully recovered, partly because of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.



12) The Nastiest of the Nasty?:-

The bird song of the Cuckoo is pleasant to the ears of all of us. However, “Cuckooing” is something else entirely. It has come to mean the taking over, against their wishes, of the houses and homes of elderly, housebound and vulnerable people, by criminal elements, so as to be able to convert them into Cannabis factories.

Recent statistics available from London’s local authorities show that while there were 79 such instances dealt with in 2018, this last year has seen that number rise to 316, an increase of 300%. While those are London figures, cuckooing is not confined solely to that metropolis.

Please do keep an eye open for the welfare of elderly and vulnerable householders near you. If you see or are suspicious about such individuals being visited by strangers, please do not stay silent about it. If you feel uncomfortable getting directly in touch with the various formal authorities, do please have a quiet word with me, with the assurance that I never have and never will reveal who my sources of information have been.
In my quarter century in Central Africa, where Cannabis grows wild in some areas, I had many conversations with traditional herbalists, call them witchdoctors if you wish. Every single one of them related to me that while they would, on occasions, tell a patient with certain symptoms to chew a few leaves, spit out the leaves and swallow the liquid, they would never, ever, tell any of their patients to smoke the leaves of the plant. They had learned, over many years, that smoking cannabis “Splits the mind”. Our modern society has a name for that. We call it Schizophrenia.
During my years of policing in Central Africa, two incidents firmly reinforced for me the dreadful ill-effects of smoking Cannabis. The first was when, while out on a horseback patrol, I rode into a village where, among the traditional huts, there was what appeared to be a large dog-kennel. As I reined my horse to a halt, from out of that structure there came a totally naked adult African male. That person rushed towards me, on all fours, barking, yapping and snarling until he was abruptly brought to a halt a few feet from me and my horse when he reached the end of a length of chain which was firmly attached to the kennel structure and linked to a strong leather collar around his neck.

On hearing the noise he was making, other villagers came out to see what was going on. They quickly scolded the fellow just as they would have done to any misbehaving village dog and ushered him back into the kennel. In the conversations which followed once I had dismounted the kraalhead explained that his son had gone to work on the mines in South Africa some years back, where he had acquired the habit of smoking Cannabis. That habit caused him behavioural problems which resulted in him being sacked, whereupon he had returned home some three years back and continued his smoking of dried Cannabis leaves, despite the pleadings of his parents and other relatives. Gradually his behaviour became akin to that of a village dog, so they built for him the large kennel, He was chained to it because he had adopted the habit of attacking visitors and trying to bite them.

The family had consulted their local witchdoctor who had tried to cure him and failed, so they had then taken him to the medical clinic a dozen or so miles away, where he promptly bit the medical orderly who had attempted to examine him.

The second occasion was when I was called upon early one day to attend a reported murder case. On arrival at the village, I found the senior wife lying dead, having sustained a dreadful chest wound caused by a particular type of barbed spear called Mkanga which, according to tribal custom was only ever to be used in hunting, but not in conflict. Sitting against the wall of a sleeping hut, close to the dead woman and bound hand and foot was one of her sons.

The story was a tragic one. As in the case set out a few lines above, the killer had gone to work in the capital city, Salisbury, where he had picked up the habit of smoking Cannabis. Having a period of holiday, he returned to visit family and friends in the Tribal Trust Land. The previous evening he had retired to his sleeping hut to indulge in some smoking of Cannabis which he had brought with him from the city. Late in the evening, the family had been awakened by what appeared to be violent crashes, bangs and shouting, coming from their son’s sleeping hut.

The senior wife, his mother, had rushed out to see what was going on. She pulled open the door to the hut in which her son was and was immediately speared through the chest by him. Under warn and caution from me, the accused tearfully related that his smoking of the Cannabis leaves had caused him to hallucinate that he was being attacked by a pride of Lions. He had pulled the hunting spear from the rafters of the hut and was using it to fight off the Lions. When his mother had opened the door, he had seen her only as the leader of the pride of Lions which were attacking him and stabbed her with the spear, inflicting a fatal wound.

Other family members eventually disarmed and restrained him, whereupon he fell into a drug-induced sleep. When he awoke at dawn and discovered what he had done, he promptly set about trying to hang himself, but was further restrained and tied hand and foot by his relatives, one of whom reported the murder to Chibi Police Station, where I was duty officer for the week.

Perhaps it is time for better education for our teenagers during their school years as to the inevitable downside of smoking Cannabis, or for that matter taking in any of the many other health damaging opiates now all too readily available from many sources.



13) A Place To Park:-

No matter what your registered title deeds indicate about your land boundaries, the kerbside and pavement space outside of your house are public land. It is open to any car driver to park there, provided of course that they do not obstruct access to your driveway, or even park upon it. That right to park there also carries the freedom to put two wheels upon the pavement, if that is required to allow other traffic to pass by on the tarmac surface. Do please caveat that with the need to ensure that you leave room for pedestrians, pram-pushers and the like to safely pass by your vehicle, without having to get on to the tarmac surface in order to safely go on their way

4) Something Positive to Look Forwards To:-
I have been advised by Claire Homard, CEO of our Education Department at FCC that the annual summer holiday play and meal schemes for younger children will be operating as usual this year. Full details will be published nearer the time. I know we are getting a wee bit twitchy about overly long dry spells, threats of heatwaves and such as we head into summer, but for these playschemes to work best, they do need dry weather. Let us all hope they get it.

I choose not to be active on Social Media platforms. However, if you have problems and need a word of information, advice or support, I am always available, 24 hours of the day and seven days of the week, via my home phone number of 01244 549421. If I am out, please leave me a recorded message. I will get back to you as soon as I can. I can also be contacted on email at arnold.woolley@flintshire.gov.uk and arnoldwoolley@outlook.com. You are also very welcome to visit my website at www.arnoldwoolley.com.


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