Details of the 10-year Strategy, particularly Phase 3, can be found via:-


The Strategy for Older People in Wales 2013-2023 - CPA

Introduction Phase 3 of The Strategy for Older People in Wales: Living Longer, Ageing Well will span the 10 years from 2013 – 2023. Population ageing is a permanent feature of our modern society.


50+ Action Group Flintshire

Details of the members, meetings and functioning of the Action Group can be found via 50plusflintshire.


Commissioner For Older People in Wales

The Commisioner, presently Helena Herklots, CBE, is located at Cambrian Buildings, Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff, CF10 5FL.   Her telephone number is 08442 640670.  Her Fax is 08442 640680.
Her website can be found at www.olderpeoplewales.com.
The Commissioner's Office publishes Newsletters regularly.  You can access those via news@olderpeoplewales.com  They are well worth reading if you are 60 years of age or older.

A huge amount of information, guidance and advice is available through the commissioner's office and website.  If, as an Older Person, you are bothered by anything, get in touch, with me, or with the commissioner.  There is help out there for you, whether to sort out an unfair parking ticket or to deal with unfair treatment, be it medical or any other kind.
Do not be a victim by default!



If you are over 50 years of age, you are a target for the scammers of this world – and there are literally thousands of them, because there is easy money to be made and, thanks to modern devices such as telephones and computers, we are all wide open to their initial contacts with us. 


They are polite, plausible and persistent and they are aiming at Older People, in the hope that a) You will be concerned about their plausible tale and, b) are of the generation who have been brought up to believe that if Your Bank, or Inland Revenue, or the local Police Force phone you, then they are what they claim they are.  Better still, for them, that you might be suffering from one of the unfortunately many human conditions which affect our mental sharpness as we age.  


If you are IT equipped, stay up to date with the list of current Scams.  If you are only linked to the outside world by telephone, please get it firmly into your head that your cousin Mary has NOT been mugged in Mauritious; that Inland Revenue will NOT take you to court next day unless you cough up a chunk of money then and there; that your bank will NOT phone you to tell you that you need to transfer money into a new account because you existing account has been compromised and the local police force will NOT phone you to tell you that your bank or building society clerk has been up to mischief and you need to move your money to wherever they suggest.  


If you receive any contact of this nature, bin the email, or put the phone down on them. That way, your money will stay where it should stay – with you!


Malware is a collective name for malicious software.  That is any software which is designed to cause damage to a computer, server, client or even a computer network.    Malware is designed to do its intended damage once it is able to access a targeted computer. The name Malware is usually used by the media to include computer viruses, ransomware, Trojan horses, worms, scareware and the like, including those which are designed to steal your email lists, or your identity and bank details if your are one of those who transacts banking activities or payment activities on-line. The commonality of Malware is that it has some malicious intent. 


Once it has penetrated your PC’s software, it will deliberately and intentionally act against your interests.  Malware is of course not the same as any of the unintentional aberrations or hiccoughs in software material, known to us all as a software bug. 


Readers should be aware that it is not entirely safe to rely on antivirus software, firewalls or other available strategies to keep Malware at bay. Please remember to run fairly frequent checks on you PC, for the presence of Malware and malicious activity. Fortunately, once the presence of Malware is detected, corrective action is available. 


The A-Z Guide to Alcoholism and the Elderly: This guide outlines why alcoholism affects so many elderly people and also provides tips to help an elderly person overcome alcoholism.



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