Goodness Gracious Me

Goodness Gracious Me!!!

Not long ago, somebody famous is alleged to have said, "A week is a long time in politics!"  Well, after what happened in the week between 8th and 13th May of 2008, all I can do is believe in the truth of that statement.   On 8th May, I was just the prospective Finance Portfolio holder in the administration being drawn together by senior councillors belonging to the Independent Alliance in Flintshire County Council.  On 13th May, I was elected as Leader of Flintshire County Council. 


I may still be a little amazed by events, but, I intend to now get on with the job in hand and am delighted that I have to support me several experienced campaigners and some bright new talents drawn from the Independent, LibDems and Conservative Councillor ranks.


Now, instead of having to continually call for openness, transparency and accountability from the past administration, I find myself responsible for delivering those essential elements of democratic local governance within the boundaries of Flintshire. 

I have deliberately remained silent for some weeks, while I and the 9 other councillors who are members of the new Executive Committee, as well as the new and experienced, chairs of committees, boards and fora settle themselves in for the new session.  I have not failed to see the almost continual streams of criticisms and challenges already being leveled at us in certain newspaper publications by a number of vociferous and well connected members of the past administration.  I find it wryly amusing that they are now creating about the very situations that they created and have themselves silently tolerated for all too long.

Staffing and Structure

Your new county administration team has wasted no time in getting to grips with the structure and staffing problems left by the old administration.  To help form some of the new corporate shape, two members of the new Senior Management Team have been appointed.  At this level of seniority, three months notice is the usual thing, thus the new faces will not be in place until September.  However, I am delighted to be able to offer congratulations to Carl Longland who has been appointed as Director of Environment and Ian Budd who has ben appointed as Director of Lifelong Learning, and welcome them to Flintshire County Council.  Ian is presently Assistant Director of Children's and Young People's Services at Shropshire County Council, while Carl is Head of Mobility and Development at Telford and Wrekin District Council.


Buckley Town Council

Do remember, please, that Bistre East Ward is still short of one town councillor at Town level.  That vacancy has been caused by the fact that ex-Cllr. Gareth Williams, who lost his county council seat for the ward on 1st May, 2008, subsequently resigned from the Town Council seat that he did retain.  Regrettably, the cost of the bye-election that is likely to take place at a date yet to be advised, will be around £2,750:00, which costs will have to be paid for by Buckley Town Council, NOT Flintshire County Council.  Since there was no budgeted provision for any such expenditure, it means a bit less can be spent on something else.  Probably something that we all might see as more immediately necessary and important, whatever it might be. 



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